Wedding Guest Tips To Make You Stand Out At Your Next Owambefashionstyle


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Wedding guests can be the absolute worst, we know that, but you have to be different.

This guide is so that you will be that wedding guest that people always want to invite to celebrate with them. It will definitely make you stand out, especially in Nigeria w. the only thing guests think about is their outfit.

wedding guest

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You are about to become a hit at all the parties with these tips:

1. Use their wedding hashtags

If you’re going to post pictures from the wedding, please use the couple’s wedding hashtag. Couples depend on those hashtags so that they can always have the memories that the photographer couldn’t capture from their wedding. Make sure you’re using the right hashtag too.

2. Don’t wear white unless specified
wedding guest

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Er…we know that we should never upstage the bride, so please don’t be the guest that shows up in a floaty white dress. People will stare at you when they should be staring at her. Unless the dress code is white, then yes!

3. Bring a gift

We are so terrible at giving gifts to celebrants, and you can stand out by being the guest that always brings something. No matter how small, bring the happy couple a gift to show that you celebrate their union.

4. Always RSVP

The RSVP numbers are on invites for a reason, and you should always call to confirm that you are attending, or when you want to cancel, or before you invite ANYONE to come with you to the wedding. In fact, whatever questions you may have about the wedding, just RSVP. The couple will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

5. Keep it classy
wedding guest

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You don’t want to be that guest that always fights for food, gets drunk and makes a scene, or wears over-the-top clothes that people can’t stop talking about. In fact, keep your eating, drinking and dressing moderate. You are t. for the couple, so act accordingly. It’s really not about you. Don’t forget to enjoy the party-and prepare to be highly in demand on all the guest lists!

wedding guest

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Looking for wedding guest style inspiration? Tania Omotayo‘s laid back style is so effortlessly chic.


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