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It’s wedding season, and if you’re a bride-to-be, you may not know what you’re getting yourself into. After you get engaged, the excitement will make you want to start planning the wedding immediately. You’ll soon find that you are stressed, emotionally overwhelmed and physically tired as the wedding day approaches.

This guide will help you to know the wedding planning problems you should expect so that getting through them will be easy for you.

wedding planning problems

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Expect that:

1. You’ll spend over your budget
wedding planning problems

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Remember that beautiful budget you made at the beginning of your wedding planning journey? The chances of you actually sticking to it, no matter how inflated it is, are very slim. You’ll find stuff you didn’t think of but “must have”, costs will go up, you may lose something you’ve already bought and have to buy another one. Just be prepared to spend more money than you planned, so get a contingency fund ready.

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2. You’ll have disagreements with your fiance

Wedding planning is a stressful time, and it’s easy to lose sight of the reason for the wedding: you and your boo. You can get so wrapped up in all the wedding planning problems that you two are barely talking anymore, or you may disagree about the major points of the wedding because of it.

wedding planning problems

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You need to know that he is your priority, and without you two, t. will be no wedding. The wedding is not more important than your relationship.

3. You’ll procrastinate

T. are some things you cannot do until just before the wedding, but you’ll find as the wedding approaches that you have pushed more and more things into that list. It will get to a point when you have so much to do with just a little time.

wedding planning problem

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The solution? Delegate. Don’t be tempted to do everything by yourself, because you will break down.

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4. You’ll fall out with a vendor
wedding planning problems

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It could be your wedding planner, or your baker, or the person in charge of your dress, some friction will definitely occur. Bear in mind that they are t. to help you execute your wedding vision, even if their opinions vary from yours. Be patient with them, unless they are actively going against what you want-then you should definitely fire them.

They say preparation leads to success, so get ready and go with the flow. Don’t forget that it’s your wedding, don’t try to please everyone and please each other first.

wedding planning problems

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Do you know how to deal with stressful wedding situations? We do.


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