When you start planning your wedding, expect advice from every angle. You will hear a lot of tips that are supposed to ensure the smooth sailing of the wedding, but sometimes it’s not about the big rules, it’s about the tiny details.

These wedding planning tips seem so small that no one will mention them to you, but they matter:

The guests come first
wedding planning tips

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You probably know this in theory, but really, the number of guests you plan to have should determine the scale of every other plan you set in motion. Having an RSVP system will save you a lot of stress.

T.’s nothing wrong with asking for help
wedding planning tips

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T.’ll be people to say ‘if you don’t have plenty of money, why are you having a wedding?’ Don’t listen to them. You’ll be hosting a lot of people and that is a lot of money to come from just one person. You can ask for any form of help from people you trust and you won’t be breaking any rules.

Listen to mother nature
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When in doubt, plan your wedding around the weather. Read on wedding planning tips for the seasons of the year, and it’ll guide your venue choice, dress choice and even food choice.

Prepare to hear “no”
wedding planning tips

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No one likes to hear no, but when you prepare to hear it, it’ll cushion the blow. Hearing “I can’t make it” or “I can’t help you” from your friends doesn’t mean they love you less, maybe they genuinely can’t.

Make a priority guest list
wedding planning tips

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This list should have the names of important guests that have to eat or drink something no matter what happens. It might be your friends who traveled a distance for your wedding, or important relatives and mentors. Just hand the list to a trusted person in charge of hospitality and explain.

Keep a paper trail
wedding planning tips

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Keep lists, receipts and evidence of every transaction you make for the wedding. Having a paper trail will come in handy when you need to track your expenses, especially when things start getting confusing and overwhelming. At the end of the wedding, you can know if you went above the budget and by how much.

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