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Wedding Stories: I Ended Up At The Wrong Wedding

Wedding stories is an ongoing series w. fashionstyle readers share their most interesting wedding experiences.

My friend was getting married and I’d made all my plans to attend, but my office wanted to ruin my slaying plans and fixed a meeting.  Lucky for me, both the meeting and the wedding were on the mainland, so I decided to attend the wedding, even if I had to go late.

wedding stories

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Fast forward to the wedding day, after my meeting, I changed into my purple and yellow aso ebi. As I was just about to leave, my boss asked what area I was going to and it happened to be around the venue of the wedding. I wanted to take an Uber, but I didn’t know how to ditch my boss’ ride. Besides, I could save Uber money instead.

We got to the street, and he dropped me off. “This is the street abi? It’s a pretty short street, I’m sure if you walk a bit, you’ll see the venue”. I said thank you and began to walk into the ‘short street’. It wasn’t long before I saw my fellow purple and yellow aso ebi people. I just walked inside and sat down.

wedding stories

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The only problem was that I wasn’t seeing familiar faces at the gate, or even inside. The bride was from a classy family, but this wedding was quite razz; loud fuji music, very local people, the decoration…everything was off. I called a friend who should have been inside, but we couldn’t hear each other because of the noise.

I was still trying to figure out what was going on when the couple got up to cut their cake and the bride wasn’t my friend! I just rushed out of the hall. I finally found my friend’s wedding down the street.

wedding stories

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All I could think of was how everything in Lagos is just hard, even attending a wedding. In the end, It was a fun wedding. I was relieved, embarrassed but especially tired.

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