Wedding Stories: The Couple Cooked Separately So We Didn’t Get Food


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Wedding stories is an ongoing series w. fashionstyle readers share their most interesting wedding experiences.
I’m usually the happiest person at weddings, or just listening to wedding stories. I just keep shining my teeth and ‘awwing‘ to every song while daydreaming. I had never had a bad experience as a wedding guest until this. So, when it happened, I was shook. 

The couple were childhood friends and had been dating since secondary school. It was one of those love stories that are very rare but very true. So, trust me to be the cheerleader when I heard they were getting married.

wedding stories

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They had dated for so long that all their friends became friends. So, it was almost impossible to distinguish the groom’s friends from the bride’s friends.

Most of us came together; the wedding was like our own reunion. So, you can imagine the shock on our faces when we got to the hall and the ushers told us, “are you for the bride or for the groom?” After echoing “we’re . for both of them“, the ushers said the hall was demarcated so we had to choose.

wedding stories

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We finally found a section of the hall that was for neither the groom or the brides’ people (the middle ground, lol) and we colonized that area. As the wedding went on, more people with the same dilemma as us came and joined us. Then it was time to share food.

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Lo and behold, the servers came to us and asked the same question as the ushers’ and we echoed the same response as we did earlier. They explained that the food was cooked separately so we had to choose. Again!

wedding stories

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Long story short, the wedding ended and because we couldn’t choose, we didn’t eat. I was too weak to dance. So, when they started dance, dance, dance, I just carried myself home and had a decent meal while still in shock. I cannot come and kill myself.

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