Wedding Stories: The Couple Didn’t Show Up For Their Reception


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Wedding stories is an ongoing series w. fashionstyle readers share their most interesting wedding experiences.
The couple and I are very good friends, and when they decided to get married, we used to gist about wedding stories a lot. We talked about couples who were so stressed out and tired that they didn’t even enjoy their reception.

During one of those conversations, I suggested that a couple could just ditch the reception. Are receptions even necessary? My point was that it was their wedding and they could do anything, sort of. We went back and forth about how it could work and we finally decided it couldn’t work.

wedding stories

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Fast forward to the wedding day, we all went to church and when we got to the reception…something seemed odd to me. No MC, no stage for the couple…just music in the background. I remembered my conversation with the couple and I was just grinning from ear to ear!

I asked a couple of our friends just to be sure I wasn’t just being dramatic, but they had no idea what was going on either. When I asked the bride’s mum, she happily gave me the gist.

wedding stories

(Photo: Instagram/ Obi Nwokedi)

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The couple’s honeymoon had started! They left for the airport after the church and no one knew except their parents. T. was make-sense music, enough food and drinks, and plenty people to gist with at the reception. What more could anyone ask for? I happily joined the owambe and had a really good time.

wedding stories

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Some people did not get why t. was a reception with no couple, but I don’t think they missed anything really. At least no one would forget their wedding in a long time!

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You should read about the wedding w. you had to choose who you came for (bride or groom) to get food.

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