Wedding Stories: The Make Up Was So Good, I Didn’t Wash My Face For 2 Days


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Wedding stories is an ongoing series w. fashionstyle readers share their most interesting wedding experiences.
During my service year, I used to attend a lot of weddings because my mother was convinced that was the best way to get experience for mine (she probably meant wedding stories). She was also sure that attending weddings was the only way to get people to attend my wedding.

I was also crazy about topnotch make-up. In fact, my favourite part of attending weddings was getting an amazing face beat.

On one of my numerous wedding attendances, I was a bridesmaid and the make-up artist finished work on my face! Kai! I was so excited, I was feeling so fly. The number of people that complimented me that day were so many.  If I wasn’t in a relationship, I might have found my husband that day.

wedding stories

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Anyway, the make-up was giving me so much joy that when I got home, I couldn’t get myself to wash it off. I took it to church the next day and got a fresh round of compliments. Then I thought…maybe one more day won’t hurt. I know, I know!

Anyway, I took it to work on Monday! I can’t believe I did that, but hey

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wedding stories

(Photo: Giphy)

A year later, guess who did my wedding make-up? That lady! Yup, I had to find her to do justice to my face again. No worries, I didn’t carry the make-up till the next day oh. My husband would have thought he married a bush girl, lol.

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