Wedding Stories: They Had Their Reception In Their Dining Room


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Wedding stories is an ongoing series w. fashionstyle readers share their most interesting wedding experiences. 
Usually, when I hear unconventional Nigerian wedding stories, it surprises me but it warms my heart.

My cousin invited me to a wedding, and I was very happy to attend. When we were driving to the venue for the joining, I kept asking my cousin if he was sure about the venue. It looked residential to me but I couldn’t argue with Google maps.

When we got to the place, I realised that the wedding venue was their house! The wedding was just about to start in their sitting room. With about 20 guests present, a minister came up, the couple came out and the wedding started.

wedding stories

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After the joining, they announced that the reception will continue immediately and I just muttered “finally” under my breath because I was ready to go to a hall for the reception.

More people arrived to make us 30 guests and the reception actually started immediately. It just was not in a hall or anything I imagined. It was right t. in their dining room!

T. was enough food and drinks for everyone, and please don’t get me started on the amazing souvenirs! I was having the time of my life but being civil about it.

wedding stories

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People are probably wondering why they would want such a small wedding, but I think that their plan was amazing. They had a wedding on their own terms and budget with the people they love most. Zero drama and zero stress!

All I could think of, was how did they get their Nigerian parents to agree? I can’t wait to pitch this idea to my mother while hoping she doesn’t have a heart attack, lol.

wedding stories

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Featured Image: @Wani Olatunde photography via Instagram

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