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What It Takes To Marry A Woman From Abia State

Igbo brides are said to be the most ‘expensive’ when it comes to carrying out the traditional marriage rites
igboThe Igbo tribe in Nigeria pride themselves as a people whose cultural standards are very high. A typical Igbo person is said to be very industrious and hard-working. The average person is assumed to be sophisticated and hates to do things in half measures.

Igbo ladies are said to be one of the most beautiful ladies in Nigeria, so a lot is expected of any man opting to take one as a bride.

The Igbo lady being well-trained, industrious, beautiful as well as accommodating, are said to be the contributing factors to why their bride price is one of if not the highest in Nigeria.


The bride price practice of giving out a ‘long and rich’ list, has been in existence for a very long time. This practice is perhaps a direct message to a potential suitor, about the importance attached to a female child in Igbo land.


The contents of this kind of list has been said to discourage a couple of men from marrying their Igbo brides. Below is a picture of a typical list for a bride from Abia state:




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