What To Do To Your Hair When It Gets Beaten By The Rain!


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There’s such a thing as special hair care for raining season and we are so . to hand you pointers that rock.

The rains are pouring and the hair gets it first! You know what that means? It’s getting stripped of natural oils and nutrients so not only looks weird, becomes hard to style and generally lack lustre, then throw itchy into the mix! It’s always a time to pay extra attention to the hair and most definitely the skin too – catch up on that ..

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But to keep your head up, literally, during this rainy season you should do this when you get beaten by it!
  1. First is to wash and rinse out with revitalizing shampoo and condition for restore the PH balance.
  2. Then dry by stepping up the heat on your dryer (it’s best to use professional dryers in the salon) a bit to help dry evenly making sure to get rid of any dampness. Keeping it evenly dry gets rid of funny smells.
  3. After drying, massage in oils/treatment into the scalp to help dry or irritated scalp that could come as a result of being under the dryer.
  4. Make sure you treat/intensely moisturize the scalp directly and not the hair to avoid a greasy feel that will only end up attracting dirt.
  5. Finally make sure to keep hair neatly tamed and packed in protective ways. Braids is one way to rock fab this season and . are inspirations to get you started.

What To Do To Your Hair When It Gets Beaten By The Rain!

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