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what to wear to fashion week

In case you didn’t already know, The Heineken Lagos Fashion and Design Week is the perfect opportunity for all lovers of fashion to show off their style skills.

With designers fluttering all around and dishing out sizzling new collections on the runway and the media eager to catch every glimpse of it all, it’s the perfect crowd to go all out in and not be out of place. Careful though, because as accepting as the fashion crowd is, they are very critical too. The goal . is to blend in with the extremely stylish crowd and be on the headlines for the wrong reasons.

In case you have plans of attending the ongoing LFW2018 and have no idea what to wear, we’ve put together a couple of edgy yet attainable looks you can draw inspiration from.

Keep It Simple And Short
what to wear to Lagos Fashion Week

(Photo: Instagram/Vimbai)

Short and simple certainly does not mean boring. Wear spectacular colours that won’t leave you drowning in the crowd. Catchy features are also a must if you are going for the shirt and simple style. Tassels, chains, sequins etc will give an extra pizzazz to your outfit so go for it! Also, do not forget to accessorize.

Make A Statement
what to wear to Lagos Fashion Week

(Photo: Instagram/LolaOJ)

Let your outfit be one that makes a statement. Wear something that will stand out enough to make people ask you the thought behind the outfit. Take time ahead to plan your outfit so you don’t end up looking like you fell into your wardrobe and barely managed to stumble out.

Wear Bomb Accessories!
what to wear to Lagos Fashion Week

(Photo: Instagram/Sharon Ooja)

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what to wear to Lagos Fashion Week

(Photo: Instagram/Sharon Ooja)

Sharon definitely knows how to work it! The easiest way to stand out in the crowd is to pair your outfits with statement accessories. Be it body chains, neck pieces, head pieces etc, the rule . is, the flashier, the better. Check out these awesome headpieces that stood out at the King Of Boys Premiere last weekend.

Keep It Sheer
what to wear to Lagos Fashion Week

(Photo: Instagram/Madame Modish)

Sheer fabrics made a huge comeback during last year’s fashion week and we’ve been loving the looks designers have created so far. If you own a sheer blouse, kimono, jumpsuit, or anything else, now is the time to whip it out and style the hell out of it. It’s go hard or go home baby!

Jump Into A Jumpsuit!
what to wear to Lagos Fashion Week

(Photo: Instagram/Inidima Okojie)

Jumpsuits are a perfect Fashion Week outfit. They are versatile and cab come be very handy when everything else fails. The great thing with jumpsuits is that they can work  regardless of how simple or complex the style is. If you have enough time to plan ahead, you can add a detachable train to your jumpsuit to give it that extra glam.

Maxi jumpsuits are also very hot right now and are totally LFW worthy. So if you own one, feel free to go for it. Remember, the right accessories is key.



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