What will happen with your body if you don’t take a shower for over two days


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Everyday shower – is it good or bad? The showering habit appeared not so long time ago – less than 100 years ago. But many scientists still argue on if this is useful or not. In this article, we will check all positive and negative sides of the everyday shower, and also will tell what will happen with your body if you take it too often or, vice versa, too rarely.

Shower and immune system

It is said that cave people didn’t take a shower, didn’t bath and didn’t know the majority of modern diseases. However, there are many factors that influence the formation of the immune system. So, it is hard to claim that it is shower that has the crucial importance in this case. Here go genes, general health condition, environment in which you live and many other factors.

Despite the fact whether we take the shower or not, on our body live approximately 1000 species of bacteria, as well as 40 types of fungi. Yet, there is nothing to worry about: the majority of them are rather useful for us than harmful. Many work hard on removing dangerous microorganisms from our body.


Waking up with the help of the shower

A shower has the foundational meaning not only for our health but also for our general psychological state during the day.

It is believed that shower wakes our feelings and makes us cheer up. This explains the fact that when we leave the shower and put on clean clothes, we feel ourselves not only cleaner but also more confident and awake.

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For many, it is not enough to take a shower just once a day. They do this in the morning and also in the evening before going to bed to fall asleep with a clean body and clear mind.


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Shower for babies

Children, especially babies, don’t need to take a shower every day. Once or twice a week is just enough. Babies’ skin is very sensitive, especially to the rough municipal water. Besides, let’s be honest: they don’t sweat as much as adults do.


Washing head every day – good or bad?

Your hair can become dry and brittle if you wash it every day. However, there are so-called powder shampoos due to which your hair doesn’t become greasy so quickly.

Shower and sweaty smell

A few facts about sweat. Sweat doesn’t have a smell itself. It is caused by bacteria that appear on places propitious for this (humidity, higher temperature – all this is present in places where sweat glands are located). They consume proteins and acid fats transforming them into chemicals emitting smells. The result of this process can be over 30 unpleasant smells.

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Dermatologists advise to keep armpits, groin and face clean during the day, because they are the favourite places of bacteria.


Is it necessary to wash away makeup before going to bed?

If you wear a makeup, it is crucially important to remove it before the sleep every day no matter how tired you are. If you don’t do this regularly, your skin will start ageing prematurely.

More often is not better

However, you should remember that taking a shower all day long is also not a very good idea. Too often bathing especially in the hot water may deprive your body of natural oils and other important micro elements. That’s why everything should be approached wisely and rationally.

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