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What woman was caught doing with pregnancy will surprise you


A woman who faked her pregnancy for a whole 9 months has been caught.

A young lady in her early twenties has been discovered to be faking her ‘9 months’ pregnancy, after she was rushed to the hospital for her delivery.


According to Dr Yusuf Abdulraheem, the Chief Medical Director (CMD) of the Yusjib industrial medicare in Ilorin, Kwara state, the young lady had been successfully disguising a believable pregnant belly, using clothing.

Speaking to newsmen on Tuesday, September 13, the doctor said the lady identified as Azeezat Abubakar, had been brought into the hospital for delivery as she was in ‘labour’, but had raised his suspicions when she refused to be examined.

Here’s what he said below:


“She has been using my hospital name to claim money at home, telling her family she is doing her ante-natal in Yusjib. When her family brought her, I noticed that i had never seen her face before, but for the benefit of doubt, I told her to remove her folder which she could not locate.

In the absence of one, I opened a new folder for her; I requested she come to the couch for examination only for her to be squatting. It was her mother-in-law who forced her to the couch and as I tried to examine her tummy, I discovered it was clothes she padded there.’’


The doctor however expressed concerns as to how it took them a whole 9 months to discover she had been faking it, he also adviced mothers to keep a close eye on their daughters.

Hmmmm…Na w a oo.



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