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What You Need To Know Before Wearing OneZUMI

If you’ve ever worn a strapless dress, you’ll know that the most serious concern is to keep the dress up. A falling strapless dress is uncomfortable-and embarrassing.

If you have chosen to wear a strapless wedding dress, no doubt you chose it because it is beautiful. Choosing the dress is just one step though. Strapless dresses are special because they don’t have sleeves to hold the dress up. This makes pulling them off difficult.

You Need To Know This If You Want To Wear A Strapless Wedding Dress

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.’s how to wear your strapless wedding dress with no headaches:

1. Start with the right underwear

The right strapless bra (or no bra at all) and good tights that make your figure streamlined is the right start to looking bomb in your strapless dress. If you need to wear a corset, do so. The results are worth it.

You Need To Know This If You Want To Wear A Strapless Wedding Dress

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2. Make sure your dress is fitted

It is very important that the dress is not loose in any way. It should be properly fitted to your bust and waist. Make sure to have a final dress fitting a week before the wedding-wedding planning can make you lose weight.

One pro tip is to have your dress fitted both when you’re standing and siting. Some dresses can slip around when you’re not standing to hold it up.

3. Dress supports

Your dress should have bra cups and boning sewn in, so that it mould to your body and holds up without slipping around. In addition to those, corsets, straps and hooks can help to support the dress too.

With these tips, you are on your way to wearing your strapless wedding dress with no fear.

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