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Wedding rituals are those things that every bride must somehow do; some may not but you get what we mean right? Like everything else in life, timing is everything and missing the right time can affect everything else, and we love you too much to allow that!
These wedding rituals have a better effect when the timing is right
1. Salon trips

It’s usually better to do all your beauty waka together. Not too late, so that in case you don’t like it, t.’ll be room to change it the styles or design and not too early so your face and everything is as fresh as it should be. We’ll recommend mid-Thursday if your wedding is on Saturday.

wedding rituals

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2. Picking your dress

Although this depends on a number of things, such as if you’re going to make or buy or rent… But it’s safer to work with a timeline to avoid stories that touch.

If you’re renting, you should have tested and fitted and decided on the dress at least 3 weeks to your wedding

If you’re buying, you should have decided and bought at least 2 weeks to the wedding

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If you’re making a dress, 2 weeks is ideal to have finished all the testing and fitting, however considering the Nigerian factor, you can work with a week. Don’t forget to insist on getting the dress no matter what, as you’ll still have to dry clean.

wedding rituals

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3. Bridal shower

Even though this may not be organized by you, you might want to hint a convenient date to the person you think might organize it (we all have that one friend) lol! The weekend before your wedding is the most ideal so that your wedding weekend won’t be crammed up and stressful. Do well to look at the ingredients first if you’re going to a spa.

wedding rituals

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