When Your Man Cheats On You…Don’t Leave Him, Just Forgive Him – Hilda Dokubo


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Nollywood actress, Hilda Dokubo, had endeared herself to many people not just because of her impressive acting skills, but also because of her show of wisdom expressed through her words.

This time, the actress shared a piece of her mind on the best ways to manage marriages and relationships.

Considering the rate at which homes were breaking up these days, Hilda pointed out that the mistake most couples make is their inability to apologize when wrong, and shying away from their mistakes. The veteran actor said the best way to keep a home intact is by forgiving one another, loving the home and loving one’s self.

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When asked if catching the man cheating was a good enough reason for a woman to walk out of her marriage, the veteran actress-turned-minister of God said in such a situation, the woman needs to forgive the man the same way God has been forgiving us daily for sins committed.

Nollywood Actress, Hilda Dokubo Preaches Forgiveness In Marriage

She said:

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“You know I’m a Christian, I’m born again, and I’m a minister so no ground is good enough. The Bible charges a man to love his wife as God loves the church. God has not abandoned us because of our sins, even when He caught us red-handed. He still loves us; He’s still giving us the best of help”

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According to Hilda, the only deal breaker in marriage is when it becomes severely abusive.

Before you begin your criticism, I think you need to know that Hilda Dokubo is not asking you to do what she has not done. She had her share of marital woes which led to her separation from her husband Karos Mrakpor, shortly after they got married in 1986.

Her husband re-married and had another child, while Hilda went into a new relationship. But somehow, things didn’t work out for them in their new love lives. The couple finally reunited in 2013.

Asked during an interview with Punch in August, 2016, why she reconciled with her husband after a long period of separation, she said:

Everything in life has stages and time. If I say I’m a Christian and love God, then I should be able to live a life that Christ would be proud of. It doesn’t matter who is right or wrong in a relationship.  We did it for ourselves, our children, others, but most importantly for God.


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