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Otile and Vera are taking over Mauritius.

Otile Brown and Vera Sidika are the hottest new couple in town and their love is like a wildfire. They are sweet on social media and have become our favorite couple in 2018. Diamond should learn one or two things from how well Otile Brown is treating his baby girl, Vera Sidika. Their love story has caught the attention of travel company, bonfire adventures, that took them to Mauritius for a romantic getaway. We are a little jealous!

The lovebirds decided to take the Island by storm in these outfits.

The first look had Vera in a floral jumpsuit and a wide brim sun hat. Otile, on the other hand, has on a sweater, hat and khaki pant. Is it not hot in Mauritius?

Otile Brown Vera Sidika Vacation Bonfire Adventures


.: Otile Brown

The second look was more relaxed. Vera, as usual, was stunning in a green figure-hugging jumpsuit and sandals to complete the super casual look. Otile was in sneakers, pants and a shirt that doesn’t belong on vacation.

Otile Brown Vera Sidika Vacation Bonfire Adventures

.: Vera Sidika

Do you like how they were dressed on Vacation? Which is your favorite look?
Which is your favorite look? Vera Sidika shows us how to rock that tiny bikini.

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