Kitenge Dress Design

The block is hot, but there can only be one winner!

Nothing screams “wifey” like a fashionable, yet tasteful kitenge dress design and today we have a hot question for you girlies! Which of these dresses would you wear to meet bae’s parents?

1. How’s this for a kitenge dress design?

We love this tiered situation going on, it is so tasteful and still so chic! Your potential mom-in-law will definitely love you in this and you definitely have our word. This fiery dress would also be the perfect slay for Sunday church!

Kitenge Dress Design

.: Instagram.

2. Cold shoulder!

We love this kitenge dress design and the blend of colours is magnificent, to say the list! We would definitely recommend this style of dress, because it would serve many occasions; lunch with the in-laws/family, church, wedding, you name it!

Kitenge Dress Design

.: Instagram.

Now, girlies…

Vote, drop us a comment and let us know your thoughts!

This is the most fleeky wedding after party outfit, ever!

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