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white structured shirts

White structured shirts are what they are, white and structured. They seem very limited in style and mostly hang at the end of your wardrobe.

You probably don’t give much thought to them except you are in a choir or doing an ushering job in church or working at the bank. Seeing as they are basic . downs, matching them with other clothing items to give you a sophisticated look is quite tricky. Many have yet to master the tricks to it.

Prepare to stun as you use these few style tips we propose to you can style your white structured shirts the sophisticated way.

Under a Sweater/Dress
white structured shirts

(Photo: Instagram/MadameModish)

During the cold weather, your structured shirt can be worn under a short sleeved sweater with the collars peeking out of the round neck. Basically any trousers – chinos, denim, dressy trousers – can go with this style. A ballet flat, platform heels, wedge are a good match for it paired with a box bag. This can also work great with a dress. Wear your white structured shirt underneath a round neck dress for that urban girly vibe.

Boyfriend Jeans
white structured shirts

(Photo: Instagram/ AwedByMoni)

Own a pair of boyfriend jeans? Match up rolled up boyfriend jeans with an untucked structured shirt. Roll up the sleeves of your shirt and wear statement jewellery and heels to finish off the look.

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Un.ed and Knotted
white structured shirts

(Photo: Instagram/Lola OJ)

This style is daring and sexy! If you are looking for a way to style your white structured shirt to a casual event or hangout, this is the way to go. Un. the shirt to show some cleavage and knot it at the midriff. You can wear this with a full skirt, print pencil skirt, skinny jeans with dainty accessories and heels.

white structured shirts

(Photo: Instagram/AwedByMoni)

Culottes are totally hot right now and they can be paired with almost anything, especially your basic structured shirt. Both solids and patterned culottes work very well with this look. Finish it off with the right shoes and accessories and you are good to go.

Makeshift Jacket
white structured shirts

(Photo: Instagram / Awed By Moni)

If you are comfortable wearing your cami or tank top out and you aren’t feeling up to wearing a blazer or jacket, .’s an answer to your worries. Try that plain old structured shirt you have over the tank top. Don’t . up; leave it on as a makeshift jacket.

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