Who Slayed These Stylish Thigh High Boots? Vera Sidika Vs. Victoria Kimani?


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Stylish Thigh High Boots, Zumi Kenya

The block is hot, but there can only be one champ! Who’s it going to be?

The sun has gone into hiding, again, so we are back to seeking warm outfit inspiration and on our radar today are stylish thigh high boots! A good pair of stylish booties are the perfect armour to go through the reality of the dreary weather we are currently experiencing and a fabulous way to keep our feet safe from eeky water puddles. Today, we have two of the most fabulous Kenyan belles who have both slayed the crap out of stylish thigh high boots and you know we have to ask! Vera Sidika, or Victoria Kimani?

1. Casual, with a chance of booties!

We recently dissected Vera’s boots style and today the “Queen Vee” graces our style section, yet again! One of the most fabulous and effortless ways to inject much welcome pizzazz to even the most basic of looks is by incorporating a stylish thigh high boots into your outfit. Vera did this so seamlessly, breathing all the life into her tee and jeans pairing.

Stylish Thigh High Boots, Zumi Kenya

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.: Vera Sidika.

2. Living on the edgy side of life.

If we had to use just one word to describe Victoria Kimani’s style, it would be edgy. This “China Love” singer makes all the bold moves when it comes to her style and we are living for how she slayed her stylish thigh high boots! Vinyl/wet look fabric is in, which makes her simple yet striking pairing right on trend!

Stylish Thigh High Boots, Zumi Kenya

.: Victoria Kimani.

Ok, girlies! You know the drill!

Vote, drop us a comment and let us know your thoughts!

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