Whose Flared Pants Outfit Was Absolute #StyleGoals? Adelle Onyango Vs. Vanessa Mdee?

Flared Pants, Zumi Kenya

Same look, different style. Who slayed the flared pants best?

“Bish stole my look” is the name of the game and the so-hot-right-now flared pants are the main feature.

Flared Pants, Zumi Kenya

.: Vanessa Mdee.

They say imitation is the highest form of flattery and today we have put two of the most bold and stylish fashionistas head-to-head. So, the question is simple. Adelle Onyango or Vanessa Mdee?

1. She wore the flared pants outfit first!

Adelle Onyango has been making news for her bold and edgy outfits and this flared pants ensemble was no exception. This radio presenter’s kitenge outfit broke the internet during her trip to South Africa for the Afro Punk festival and with good reason. She stylishly combined the African culture with trendy silhouettes and the result was breathtaking!

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Flared Pants, Zumi Kenya

.: Adelle Onyango.

2. With love, from Tanzania.

Tanzanian songstress, Vanessa Mdee took the weekend by storm in her floral flared pants outfit and we must admit, we had to pick our jaws from the floor! To say that she looked out of this world would be an understatement and we really love her . of trendy accessories!

Flared Pants, Zumi Kenya

.: Vanessa Mdee.

You know the drill, ladies!

Vote, comment and let us know your thoughts, girlies!

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