There is a disturbing trend that my band of boys has witnessed in girls.
Men will always try to impress their ladies. But let’s face the facts. Not all plans to impress the girls turn out smoothly.

Many plans backfire. The problem is that girls tend to consider such failures to be broken promises. Granted, I know in every market there is a mad man, but that does not mean that all men are dogs as many women would want us to believe.

Holding grudges for years and complaining about things that happened a long time ago is just not fair. I personally have a problem with women, who cannot keep count of the number of items they have been bought by their hubbies, but the minute there is a small disagreement, the men’s failures and shortcomings will suddenly be headline news!

Their ‘sin’ files going many years back will suddenly be retrieved.
I think KRA’s filing system for tax payers must have been developed by a woman who had the patience and diligence to work backward, as far as it is humanely possible.

Ladies, why can’t we just deal with the future After all, it is the future that is yet to be lived, the past is just that, gone and forgotten. By digging up muck from days gone by, you are not pushing this love forward, you are dragging it backwards.

Yet, if you do your research thoroughly, you will find that these girls performed miserably in history!

So, how could it be that if they could not remember when Vasco da Gama reached the Cape of Good Hope or how the Buganda Kingdom selected its Katikiro, how come they are so good at remembering small arguments that took place in the basement of a parking lot nine years ago!


Why would your woman remember that brief moment when she caught your roving eye escorting a well-endowed woman on her way to the washroom ages back

Women, let me give you free advice (you can thank me later). It is pointless to maintain a ‘library’ of a man’s offences and keep whining every now and then. It is not right to use his past misdemeanours as currency to bargain for rewards in the present. This makes men feel cheated and mistreated.


Further, this merely serves to drive your man away. If you think that by constantly reminding him about small mistakes in the past you are shaping him for the straight and narrow, you are totally mistaken. You are just emboldening his resolve to do whatever he wants.

After all, he does not expect any appreciation from you besides the whining. It is a case of him being damned if he does not and damned if he does. So, what option is left with

Any average man will say, “To hell with…” He will enjoy what needs to be enjoyed now and deal with the consequences later.

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