Why Guys Fear To Date Beautiful Women


1. Worry About Other Guys Hitting On Her: We surely won’t question her, but we can’t stop thinking about questioning her. What if every guy she meets wants her number and time? There will be times when guys will want to come up with excuses to talk to her and you wouldn’t be able to do anything but worry.

2. Become Possessive And Jealous: We may not like to admit it, but there’s always jealousy lurking somewhere when dating a gorgeous woman. Friends of friends won’t be welcome home, her going out with her male friends for drinks might seem annoying and that new dress every week for work might raise eyebrows. We know it, we do it!

3. You Go Unnoticed In Her Presence: It’s a good thing as well as a bad thing. If you have a nonpareil beauty standing right next to you, it’s quite obvious people might not notice you. You might always fade into the background. If you overhear people saying things like “What’s she doing with HIM?” you know it’s time for you to get away from that place.

4. She Wants You For Money: Maybe not…or maybe! People love to gossip and they might assume that such a beauty is with you just because you are loaded. Now, we hope that’s not the case. But going by experience, anecdotes and what not, she just might be after your money. Don’t reveal details about your hidden treasure chest yet!

5. You Will Have Trouble Trusting Her: She’s not the problem. The problem is with us. Sometimes, we don’t want to believe even when we know there’s no fault of hers. You are insecure, and hence, you find it difficult to trust that stunner. Jealousy, over-possessiveness and trust issues-you know the problem points. Now work on them.

6. Her Ego Could Be A Problem: She’s s’εxy and she knows it. And the world will leave no leaf unturned to make her realize so, especially when she’s around you. She’s perhaps used to compliments since she was 10. If that leads to an inflated ego, who do you blame? No one, right?

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