Why I don’t believe in religion – Nigerian Artiste, Sweetcorn

Just a while ago, Nigeria artiste, Sweetcorn made a controversial statement on religion that has stirred debate online.

Sweetcorn, a UK- based rising act who recently released his debut album titled Ikenna was asked during an interview with Rhythm FM‘s OAP Quincy Jones to share his thoughts on religion as one song on his album, dealt with the issue.

Without mincing words, he stated that he does not believe religion is of any good to people, as it is not only harmful but has as well outlived its purpose.

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According to Sweetcorn, “Religion is simply a set of rules and doctrines that are carved out by man and for other men telling them how to worship their god(s). And this god supposedly created everyone equal. Then a set of people who think they have power or superior to others make rules telling every other person how to worship their gods.  I will reiterate that religion has outlived its purpose. It is now harmful to man. You can’t truly worship your God on someone else’s terms, it’s just wrong.”

He added: “With everything I see going on now in this modern days, Region has no hold. That’s why I preach spirituality.  For me spirituality is your direct connection to your maker. If its God, fine. I believe in God myself. But the way I communicate with my God might not go in line with what some pastors are saying. Some pastors tell you that before you become successful in life, you must pay tithe, which I am not against too. “

The interview has since gotten many talking. While some agreed with Sweetcorn, others are dragging him on Twitter.

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