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Why I would have preferred to be in Pepper Dem season – BBNaija’s Erica reveals (video)


Former Big Brother Naija season 5 Lockdown star, and Big Brother Naija ex-housemate, Erica Nlewedim has opened up on which season of Big Brother Naija she would have preferred to participate in, more than her own Lockdown season.

Erica said during Blackbox Roundtable Conversations with BBNaija host, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu and some ladies from previous seasons that Tacha and Mercy Eke’s Pepper Dem season 4 show was her best season.

Erica went on to explain that during her own Lockdown season, Housemates formed lots of cliques, which is usual during every season of the show, but cliques from the Lockdown seemed to hold more grudges.


She pointed out that when a Housemate does something, cliques from Lockdown season tend to gossip about it behind your back.

But if it were to be in the Pepper Dem show, Erica added that you and someone will quarrel but in the next two minutes you’re friends with the person.


“I will say Pepper Dem season, because they were not not passive aggressive like my season (Lockdown season)”. And Dorathy cut her short saying, “You say what?” Erica continued, “Oh you guys were all passive aggressive in the House”.

“T. were a lot of fights. At least if you’re angry about anything, say something. But I feel like, in my season, everybody will try to form love and light, and they will have cliques”. Ebuka said, “But t. were cliques in every season”. Then, Dorathy comes in telling Erica that she had her own cliques as well during the Lockdown show.


Erica continued, “My point is, you people don’t like somebody and you don’t like something that happens. Nobody will talk, they’ll just go and gossip and when you come, they’ll be giving you weird energy.

“For Tacha’s season, it’s better to fight and be friends two minutes later, you’ll not be feeling weird. Like, I hated being in the House, it made me so anxious, all the time”.


The Blackbox Roundtable Conversations involves See Gobe season 2 stars Bisola and Tboss. Double Wahala season 3 stars Alex and Cee C. Pepper Dem season 4 stars Tacha and Mercy Eke. Lockdown season 5 stars Erica and Dorathy.

Watch video below.

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