Why I’m Called A Gigolo – Emmanuel Ikubese


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Emmanuel Ikubese is an actor and model having excelled and won the Mr Nigeria pageant. He went on become the 1st Runner-Up in the Mr World pageant. He surprised all with his role in FIFTY movie, In this interview with SAMUEL ABULUDE, he spoke about the controversial role

Tell us about your role in the movie fifty?

Fifty is an amazing project.  I see acting as an art and you need to prove yourself. The film do not have anything to do with our cultural values.  Fifty has a vision and the vision is not only to sell in Nigeria but an international vision to show the world.

We shoot a proper movie in a very proper way.  It is not about my own character but everybody in that movie.  We have young who got an award for a movie which he was flogged as a slave in the movie. It was because he really show the world that he can translate the message of what is happening in our society then during the time of slavery. I have been getting a lots of positive feedbacks from people since after the film fifty. Look at the role I . as being sexy.  I believe movie is about bringing life into an act. I believe that is what acting is all about.

 Does that mean you will be getting roles similar to that in another movie?

I wasn’t acting nude; I was caught in the act.  I don’t like to be stereo-typed in a movie. My own is in doing my job and bringing life to the character. Given the role of a Reverend, drug lord or mad man, I will do it the way it should be.

 Someone even said that it wasn’t you that was romancing with Elizabeth?

I cannot give out the secret of our production. We did a movie that made you to believe what you believe, so that is it.

 What was the . of the Censors board?

It wasn’t necessary and we need to start mastering our craft to meet international standard. We need people to put money in our production and take us seriously.   Fifty is one of the few movies that have been showing in the cinemas from December till now.

 How much were you paid for the role?

A lot of money (laughs). If the movie is successful, do you think I won’t collect a lot of money?

 Compared to other movies you have acted in, what do you think about fifty?

I leant they invested well.  I was involved in Shuga which was done properly, and which is a world class project. But what I love about FIFTY is that Mo-Abudu wanted to prove to the world that we can do a world class movie that is made in Nigeria.

 You also did a movie with Juliet Ibrahim?

It was a short film called ‘Black-Out which is about domestic violence against women.  It is going to be a film to be shown to people to discourage people against domestic violence. We did it to show visuals to people.

 Which other movies are you in?

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We have done several other movies that I cannot remember the names now.  I have done one with Uche Jombo, with Hakeem Kae Kazim.  I started as a model, and later I went into acting before I came to Nigeria. I love what I am doing right now which is acting. Acting and music have always been a passion for me.

 There is this perception that as a Mr. Nigeria, you guys are Gigolos and you tend to . such roles in movies?

In the world we live in, even in Hollywood if you are going to be casted as a white man, if you are black you cannot fit it. It is because we are good looking, that is just the reason they give us that description.  You just have to fit into the role you are playing.

 Who are you really outside the set?

I am just a God fearing person that is passionate about what I am doing, about my country and the society at large.  I am also passionate about making a positive impact in people’s life. I am passionate about being an inspiration to the younger generation.  That is when I represented it wasn’t about Emmanuel but about impacting something positive into the mind of the young Nigerians.  They will be able to say, if I can be second in the MR. WORLD Competition anybody can be first from Nigeria. Though I am a very private and family oriented person, I love my family a lot.

 Are you in a relationship or you like women a lot?

I don’t like women a lot as you think. Friendship and relationship is not about the external look.

 Do you have somebody who have that kind of qualities you are looking for in a woman?

Yes, though I am a private person and I want it to be like that.

 Can you tell us about your childhood?

I was a stubborn person as a kid, but I have changed as an adult. I am the first child of the three. I have a younger brother and a kid sister.  My parents flogged me a lot when I was a kid because I was stubborn but that made me a better person as an adult. They groomed me to be a man of value. I was born in Lagos and I was born in Ajegunle. Precisely, No. 1 Adekoya Street, Ajegunle and I spent like 12 to 13 years there before we moved to Satellite town where my family stays till now.  But I stay in the island.

 About the role you played in the movie fifty, what was your parent . to it?

Actually I don’t want them to see it, they always come out to watch my movies at the cinemas but I did not tell them about fifty, but it was such a big movie so they were there to watch.  My mum was there to watch it with my sister.

 So, your fans should know you are just playing a role?

Yes, Emmanuel is different from the roles I ..



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