Why Ladies Always Lie To Be V!RGINS


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Generally, I guess many ladies claim that virginity doesn’t define a good relationship & shouldn’t be a yardstick when choosing a partner, yet they lie about it for reasons known to them.

We shall discuss why they lie about being virgins when in fact, they are not

1. Because Of Her Age: 
Personally speaking and general summarizing, a girl of 18-19yrs is most likely to lie using some slow logic to justify her virginity like she has never had s’εx before when in her face, she has done it before

2. Because That Is What Guys Love To Hear:
YES girls mostly lie about their status because guys in question always mount pressure on them, therefore, they lie about being one.

However, an average lady is most likely to lie about being one because being a virgin will make her appear innocent, respected & holy.

3. She Doesn’t Want To Be Pestered For s’εx:
We are in an era where s’εx seems to be the talk of the day.
Now that it’s now terribly difficult to differentiate those who truly love you and those who only want to get under your skirt, she’s most likely to lie if she gets to know that you are that type too desperate for s’εx.

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4. Because She Wants To Scam You:
Many ladies lie about being virgins especially when they want to use that as a leverage to get you scammed. They will screw you up & get you dumped as quickly as possible when you are close to getting under their skirts.

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5. She lies about Doing It only Once: 
YES a lady who had it only once or quite a countable number of times, and has desisted from it for a very long time will still consider herself as a virgin just because her kitty is still very tight

6. Because the Society Discriminates against non-virgins: 

Some people react badly when they know that a woman is not a virgin.
Hence, ladies would rather not deal with that reaction & may lie because of the fear of being chastised or castigated.

7. She Wants To Portray A Good Image: 
Another reason why they lie about being virgins is because they want to enjoy the benefit of what they aint worth.

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8. Because Guys Attach Too Much Importance To Virginity: 
Take it or leave it, almost all chic will lie about being a virgin if they get the feeling that virginity and crap matters to you.

The reason is because some d**k head always attach so much importance to virginity even though they aint one.

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