Why Loving Too Much K!LLS The Love


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Anything in excess is not good. When we are in love we do not imagine our world to exist without them. They become our topmost priority and we channelize all our energies towards making them happy. In this process we ignore that we might be hurting our partners or ignoring their needs, which makes love to fade away.

We need to concentrate and know about what can choke our relationship and what can blossom our love and make the relationship stronger. We here at Boldsky are going to share few reasons as to why loving too much kills the love.

Check these reasons and try to make a change in your approach and see your bond getting stronger with your loved one. Read on to know more…

Curbs Their Freedom: When we love someone too much, we tend to have some control over them. We get over protective about them and do not want them to get into any kind of trouble. Hence, we keep a check on their activities and guide them about their day to day activities. This infact curbs their freedom. We think that we are protecting them but we are actually getting over protective about them. So avoid doing so.

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Too Much Of Closeness: Staying in touch round the clock with your partner can make them feel frustrated. Remember that every relationship needs space. Too much of closeness can kill the relationship. So avoid being too clinging over them.

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Personal Space: Getting too close to your partner leads you to eat your partner’s personal space, something that might not please them at all. Giving your partner some space is as important as much as spending time with them.


Losing Their Individuality: You must respect your partner as an individual. Do not expect your partner to change according to your wishes after being committed in the relationship. It steals away their freedom and individuality. They have their own identity and you must acknowledge that. This is one of the reason why loving too much kills the love.

Leads Towards Fights: When you love your partner more than required it makes them frustrated. It bottles up their frustration when they feel that they are not having their space which leads to fights. Change of opinion also can cause this friction as well. Make sure you give them their space and hear them out.

These are the few reasons why loving too much will kill the love. If you have any other reason then, share with us in comment section below.

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