Why You Should Own At Least 1 Pair Of Mom Jeans


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Mom jeans are tricky to pull off no doubt but when you do, you’d love the trend, we promise you.

A lot of your favourite fashion stars will easily opt for skinny jeans, high rise ones etc because they are all seemingly easy to style; just throw something on it and you’re good to go. But with mom jeans, you have to be a bit intentional aka the fashion killa. The trend was the in-thing around the late ‘80s till the early ‘90s. Usually high waisted with a relaxed/almost slouchy fit making it a tricky piece to pull off especially if you don’t have the attitude swag.

The trend doesn’t look instantly appealing and usually laidback but beyond the seemingly plain trend is its versatility and the effortless sexiness it oozes when styled fierce.

Sharon Ojong, Inidima Okojie, Kaylah Oniwo and more love this trend and they have all add something extra to work the look. Sharon Ojong rocks her mom jeans embellished with a killer pair of footwear sporting heels or sneakers sometimes. She styles the look a lot with bustier to get a sultry statement in.


(Photo: @sharonojong)

A lot of denim lovers love this look because it’s effortless yet stylish and it’s best styled simple with an edgy detail, anything too much and the look is ruined.


(Photo: Instagram/@S4de_U)

For the coolest take on the look, roll up the ankles or cop one with a tapered hem or generally whatever style you vibe with, t. are really no rules except you’re not allowed to be sloppy wearing it.

Kaylah’s way is casual chic

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mom jeans


OAP and blogger Kaylah did a stylish take on the trend and it’s a surefire way to get started with the trend (you’d be a cool kid in no time, we kid!). She scored the mom jeans in a flattering style and wash paired with a simple tee, firing it up with DSquared2 women barbed wire detail pumps to seal the look effortlessly chic and stylish.


(Photo: Instagram/@S4de_U)

Trust Sade Akinosho to fire up the otherwise plain denim trend. Derin Odugbesan works the look effortlessly too.


(Photo: Instagram/@derinfromisaleeko)

Hopefully taken a cue or two from these ladies? No? Let this video guide you.

Featured image via Etsy

. Why You Should Own At Least 1 Pair Of Mom Jeans . fashionstyle.


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