While we’re definitely all about you killing it on your special day, there are just somethings that if we don’t tell you, we’re . wondering who will? Changing your reception dress over and over again can send a lot of signals, and none of them are great.

. are some other reasons why you shouldn’t wear more than one reception dress:

1. It’s overwhelming

The wedding reception lasts for just a few hours and if you spend the greater part of it changing dresses, it can be a bit exhausting for you and your guests.

reception dress

(Photo: Obi Nwokedi)

2. Less fun for you

You’ll probably miss out on all the fun stuff. Your MC is likely to continuously come up with interesting stuff so the guests won’t be bored, but you’ll be far away in the changing room struggling into another dress.

reception dress


3. Why though?

Seriously though… Why go through all that stress? The number of reception wedding dresses you decide to wear is of course entirely up to you, but before you pick that 7th dress, please pause and ask yourself “why can’t I just wear one reception dress?”

And in case you decide not to wear a dress at all, you can wear a white jumpsuit like Rihanna did for her Diamond Ball.



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