Why Your Ex Wants You To Stay In Touch


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When a relationship is over, the most natural thing to do is to move on to find a better soul mate or find inner solace. But it is easier said than done.

None of us can easily move on. We feel like clinging to an ex because the memories tend to still haunt us. And if your ex is also clinging to you, then it would be tough to move on.

Some relationships are like addictions. They are full of highs and lows and they never free us if we don’t consciously get rid of them.

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If your ex is troubling you by getting in touch, it is better to know about the general reasons why any ex would try to get back.

Remember this- when a breakup happens for a major reason, it clearly means that your relationship never worked. In such a case there is no point in allowing your ex to talk to you as your future relationships might suffer if you still maintain contact with an ex.

Now, let us look at certain general reasons why an ex boyfriend tries to disturb you even after a serious breakup.

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He Just Wants Some Fun: Men generally try to reach an ex girlfriend when they have some empty space in their lives. So, until they find someone to fill that space, they may try to keep in touch with an ex though this isn’t a healthy trend especially if that ex is trying hard to move on.

You Are Filling A Void: As long as you serve some purpose, he will try to keep in touch. If you are trying to heal yourself, don’t get sucked into his emotions.

You Still Reply His Calls Or Texts: Once its over, its over. It is better to cut communication though it feels painful in the initial phase. As long as you reply his texts or calls, he won’t feel like moving on as it makes him cling.

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You Send Mixed Signals: When you talk to him with sympathy, you are giving mixed signals to him. He might think that you are still interested in him and his charm. He might even try to get physical with you again if you send such mixed signals.

You Are Still Entertaining Him: It is better to close all doors without entertaining an ex boyfriend after the breakup. Men tend to misunderstand good behaviour and they may take nice women for granted.

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