Wig Making For Beginners; Types of Closures


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Hi guys! Hows your week been. I’m so excited everything is just working out for my good. Glory to God!! Anyway thanks to Ada for reminding me about this wig making series in by dropping a comment in my last post (Check it out HERE). In the . posts on the wig making series I talked about the basic materials needed to make a wig (Check it out HERE) an the different types of wig caps (Check it out HERE). Today I’ll be talking about the different types of closures. Keep reading

There are majorly 4 ways to close your weave when fixing and here they are

1. Weave Closure: This is the most common actually. Its also called a full sew in wig. The weave/hair is used as a closure. It is best for fringe

2. Leave out:  This is when you leave out some of your hair for a more realistic parting. Such wigs are called U-part wigs

3. Lace/Silk Base Closure:  These are very popular now and quite expensive but worth it. They are great for protective styling because your natural hair is completely protected.

4. Invisible part: This is not so popular as very few people can actually do it right. It is however my favourite because its cheaper than lace closures but still offers the same benefit. No need for leave outs and it is more realistic than full sew in. However it doesn’t last too long and one must be very careful when removing the hair especially if it was bonded



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Click here for Latest Ankara Styles >> Read More

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