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Many guys have always failed to get a lady they wished to have in their lives just because they did not do these simple things to make sure the lady gets into their box. Well we are human beings and we have always made mistakes but when we are enlighten we are good to go and not do the same mistake again. Check these tips here so you will never mess again.

1. TEASING: One good thing about social network is she ain’t gonna see your composure and that gives you a upper hand in teasing her right?.

2. ADMIRATION: Works like magic ……u just arrange your word and describe her the way she is like ” wow!! dear you are an epitome of perfection; a citadel of beauty” she will say thank you. don’t stop there say something like “you have a nice chin that compliment your rounded face”. this time she will add dear to the thank you like “thank you dear”

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3. AVOID S£XUAL DISCUSSION: Don’t start one and don’t entertain one.

4. LOVE UPDATES: Something like “she is all there is that makes life worth living” she will ask you if that is your girl you are talking about………just tell her point blank she is the one.

5. SNUBBING: Yea, don’t reply her always with the speed of light. And you will see first question she will ask you is “You busy with your girlfriends?” You got her hooked bro just add the finishing touch and you are good to go.

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Click here for Latest Ankara Styles >> Read More

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