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 Women kick Against Cosmetic Surgery Due To Poverty – Ex-BBNaija star, Khloe

Oluwabusayo Victoria Abiri, also known as Khloe, an ex-Big Brother Naija, BBNaija star, has stated that poverty is the reason most girls cannot afford cosmetic surgery.

Khloe stated this in an Instagram story video, claiming that women with large tummies are unhappy with themselves and would get surgery if they had the money.


Khloe opened up about the surgery, saying she was afraid at first but is now so pleased and confident in her body.

She did, however, mention that the procedure was unpleasant and that she doubts she will undergo similar surgery again.


“I made up my mind in less than two weeks to have surgery on my body, and I got it done in less than two weeks,” Khloe revealed. I used to believe I’d never do it; I’m not sure I’d want to perform a procedure again because of the agony, but it was well worth it.

“I was afraid at the end, but when I woke up and saw my new physique, it was worth it.”


Khloe went on to urge ladies with money to improve their bodies in order to feel confident.

“As a woman, you must be self-assured; if you have the money, please improve your physique.”
I know this for a certainty because you know your body. People think I can’t do surgery because I’m poor. If you have money, you should do it; no lady wants to see herself with a huge belly.


“You’re depressed on the inside, but you come out confident.” When I was flat everywhere, I thought it was fantastic; I thought I was the tallest person in the room. But now that I’ve changed my shape, if I walk into a room, I lick everyone.”



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