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strict dress codes

T.’s a reason we love Jessica Pearson, Donna and Rachel (Meghan Markle) from the hit TV series “Suits”. And it’s because they dressed to kill in every episode as they killed every legal case.

Some work places do not require you to be all fancy as the dress code and culture scream “professionalism”. Navigating your fashion sense in these industries with strict dress codes is fiddly. Yet it’s not mission impossible.


Your dressing is a reflection of a personal brand. Want work wear ideas to enhance your style despite working with strict dress codes? Here they are!

The Black Dress
strict dress codes

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As a corporate professional, having a number of black dresses allows you to have readily available staples to choose from. Pick the ones that flatter your figure and give you the confident, boss lady look. See how you can accessorize your black dress both in and out of the office.

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Asymmetrical styles flatter you because of their unique pattern. The busy pattern gives you an edgy look. Match with a less busy knee length skirt and a comfortable pair of pump. Opt for more asymmetrical shirts/tops and jackets and see your style change.

Be Girly
strict dress codes

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The corporate world requires ‘power’ clothes to give the professional impression. But don’t undermine your girly nature, rock your girl power with subtle girly dresses. Avoid going overboard with patterns or floral designs. Opt for simple girly details on an otherwise plain dress. Like frills or tassels. Dainty accessories and low-heeled shoes are a proper match for this, even with your workplace strict dress codes.

Turtle Necks
strict dress codes

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Camisoles are traditional inner wears for trouser or skirts suits. Yeah we know. But have you tried a turtle neck? They are super chic! It’s a basic men fashion style that we are definitely stealing from. You can also try wearing your turtle neck under a dress. This works great during the cold weather and is also a superb from of protection from the blasting office AC.

Be Colourful


Opt for dresses with solid colours and interesting details on them. Sharp pencil skirts and trousers should also be in solid colours paired with neutral coloured tops. When you pair top and bottom of neutral colour complement with a pop of colour in pumps and accessories, you come off looking stylish while retaining your air of professionalism.

Remember confidence is the best look on you!




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