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World Cup: Harry kane Writes To Brazil Legend Pele

As the Brazilian legend recuperates from a health scare in the hospital, England captain Harry Kane has sent a message to the ailing Pele.

Goldennewsng reports that in the past few days, 82-year-old Pele has been receiving treatment for colon cancer.
In September 2021, the three-time World Cup champion also underwent surgery to remove a tumor.
After the chemotherapy failed to produce the expected results, Pele was recently admitted back to the hospital for palliative care.

Pele’s condition initially appeared to be serious, but he eventually dispelled his concerns by posting a comforting message on Instagram, in which he also expressed his gratitude to everyone for their well wishes.


Kane conveyed his and the Three Lions’ best wishes to Pele during his pre-game press conference on Sunday ahead of England’s World Cup last-16 matchup with Senegal.

Additionally, the striker for Tottenham Hotspur referred to Pele as an incredible footballer who served as an inspiration to him.


Kane said (by means of Metro): “In our game, he serves as an inspiration.He is an incredible person and a phenomenal football .er.

“We are very sad to hear the news that he is ill, but we wish him well, not only me but the entire England team,” the statement reads.


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