A disturbing video has emerged, depicting a young nanny putting her toe and tongue into a baby’s mouth, causing the child to struggle for breath.

This alarming video circulated on the internet, has sparked worries regarding the child’s safety and has initiated conversations about the judiciousness of hiring young individuals as babysitters.


The distressing event came to public attention when the family engaged the young girl to take care of their baby.

Initially, the family had confidence in having found a suitable nanny to care for their little one.


However, their sense of security was shattered when the child’s mother stumbled upon a video recording on her phone.

The video, which had reportedly been deleted by the nanny, was discovered in the recycle bin of the phone.


In the video, the nanny is seen inserting her toe and tongue into the infant’s mouth, causing the baby to struggle for breath.

The infant’s discomfort and distress are evident in the video, leaving viewers horrified and concerned about the child’s welfare.


The most unsettling aspect of the video is that the nanny herself is seen admitting to her actions while filming the incident.

Watch the video below:-

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