African continent is bright and beautiful, the same as its numerous cultures. Get acquainted with one of the most outstanding cultures- Yoruba, and get inspired by its traditional clothes. Traditional yoruba wedding dress is absolutely worth seeing for everyone who adores fashion.

Yoruba traditional dress

Yoruba native dress: main peculiarities

Every tribe and nation or cultural community has its own traditional clothes that underline its uniqueness. The Yoruba is not an exception. Yoruba native dress is called Aso ibile. Youruba dress style differs for men and for women, so they never use each other’s clothes.

Before European influence interferes in African culture, Yoruba people dress was made from woven cloth. Nowadays there is a variety of materials they can use: lace, guinea brocade materials, ankras, linens, adire and batiks. It is also not a surprise that modern Yoruba people use clothes like shorts, shirts, trousers and skirts, blouses and suits. You can easily find people both in Yoruba traditional dress and in European style: putting on a suit and a tie.

Yoruba native dress for men and women

From time immemorial clothes were the way to show social status, preferences and character. Yoruba native dress styles are characterized by modesty.

Yoruba native dress for men


Yoruba male native style is meant to wear buba, esiki and sapara. All these under wear items are combined with over wears like dandogo, agbada, gbariye and sulia. As for the role of trousers in Yoruba dress for men, there are kembe, gbanu, sooro, kamu, sokoto elemu.

It is hard to imagine yoruba native style for men without the cap. . are the names: gobi, tinko, abeti-aja, alagbaa, oribi, bentigoo, onide, and labankada.

Women use iro and buba which are similar to blouses. Headwear is a part of female clothes the same as in yoruba native dress for men. So they put on gele. But it is worthy to note that gele is not compulsory, a women’s head can stay uncovered.

Yoruba native dress for women

Yoruba traditional wedding dress as a piece of art

Wedding is great celebration in every culture, so people use all their imagination to create beautiful and bright wedding dress. Youruba traditional wedding dress is featured by vivid colours, embroidery and ornamentation. . you can see how wedding clothes of a bride and a groom perfectly fit each other.

Yoruba wedding dress


Yoruba festival clothes for holidays and special days, the same as yoruba wedding dress, are made of ceremonial cloth. It is totally hand-made: from sewing to painting the cloth. It is called Aso-Oke.

In the modern world, where every cloth and colour is available, it is up to a couple which fashion solutions they will take.

Yoruba native style for men as grooms consists of four items: agbada, buba, sokoto and fila.

  1. Agbada looks like a long and wide gown that covers all the body.
  2. Buba is Yoruba traditional dress, a kind of a mantle which a man puts over the agbada. It reaches the knees and covers arms up to the wrists.
  3. Sokoto is a kind of pants.
  4. Fila is a headwear.

The Yoruba bride’s wedding dress is impossible to imagine without the following elements: iro, buba, gele, iborum (ipele) and ileke.

  1. Iro is Yoruba dress that is put at the waist and reaches the ankles.
  2. Buba is a kind of blouse with large sleeves.
  3. Gele is a piece of cloth that is wrapped around bride’s head.
  4. Iborum or ipele looks like a long scarf.
  5. Ileke is the name for accessories: it can be gold with different precious stones in the form of earrings, bracelets, rings, pendants and other.

Yoruba native dress styles

Clothes . a great role in differentiation of cultures. People show their traditions and beliefs through dress, its shape and colours. Yoruba native dress can be described as reserved and sumptuous at the same time.



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