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Sometimes, you just can’t help but have a no makeup day. Nothing you put on seem to be working and you find yourself getting frustrated or even running late.

Maybe your face needs a break and it’s time to rock the ‘no makeup’ look. . are some tips to help you slay without getting asked if you are okay.

Exfoliate Regularly

To pull off a no makeup day like a pro, you have to take off those dead skin cells because there’s no concealer to help you hide them. Keep your skin smooth by exfoliating with a cleanser mixed with a pinch of plain granular white sugar. Lightly massage it on in the shower—it’s the best exfoliant around for eliminating dead skin.

no makeup day

(Photo: Cassie Daves)

Get Good Brows

Perfectly groomed brows frame your face and pull your features into focus. We know we said ‘get’ but no, you can’t buy good brows. If you’ve over plucked or shaved off your brows in the past or just have sparse areas, a brow serum applied at night will help condition, strengthen and thicken your brows. Also, hydrate. Like, a lot.

no makeup day

(Photo: Dimma Umeh)

Primed And Perfect

To get that glowy, dewy, perfect look for your no makeup day, mix a few drops of a lightweight illuminating primer into your moisturizer or use your fingers to tap it along your high points. Again, drink a lot of water (your skin will thank you).

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no makeup day

Primer (NYX Cosmetics)

Always Remove Makeup

When you do wear makeup, never forget to take it off before going to bed. Use wet wipes and oil to gently scrub the makeup off your face and set up a skin care routine that includes steaming your face at least once a week. This helps reduce puffiness and leaves your skin soft and smooth.

no makeup day

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If you regularly take care of your skin, you definitely won’t have to worry about looking pale and sickly on your no makeup day.

We know, you’re welcome!

Meanwhile, .’s how you can use egg whites to remove blackheads from your skin.





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