You can’t try this in Nigeria!!! Female singer allows fans to touch her private parts on stage while performing


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There is a popular notion that Africans are in the habit of adopting the Western lifestyle. Many African traditions have gone into extinction since the introduction of certain ideas from the Western World. The issue of White Wedding is still undergoing serious debate, as not all Africans subscribe to that ceremony. Traditionalists still believe that Traditional Marriage is the only acceptable marriage over here. Nonetheless, the “enlightened” Africans have adopted White Wedding big time, and won’t let it go ever!

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In that same light, many other Western ways have been dearly embraced by a great portion of Africans, both positive and negative, and the Nigerian music industry has made sure to really focus on the negative. Many decades back, no appearance of indecency could be found in the music world. Take for instance, in Fela Kuti’s time; his female singers wouldn’t dare to appear nude on stage, not to mention making some seductive moves to turn male fans on while performing, like it is being done today.

I don’t know how naughty Yemi Alade or Tiwa Savage can get on stage, but I certainly do not believe they would dare to also adopt what this Western female singer did while performing on stage. As revealed in a picture of her on stage during the performance, the singer, who goes by the name Miley Cyrus, went beyond normal in the course of her performance and jumped into the crowd, gladly offering her body to her crazy fans to do whatever they wanted. The fans groped and touched her body, backside, and crotch. She even slipped her tongue in a fans mouth, making people run wild! Hmm. Do you think a Nigerian singer would dare do this?

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