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For most people, the wedding is the first time they’ve had to work with a caterer for a big crowd; So, understandably, they have a lot to learn about the ideal wedding menu and what to consider.

These wedding menu factors will definitely steer you in the right direction:

1. Budget

This is the most important factor, because every factor above revolves around it. More often than not, the caterer will even ask your budget for food before he or she asks what your menu is like.

2. Tribe

You can use your location to find out the tribe that will be dominant at your wedding. With this, even if the food will be a variety, you’ll provide more options for that tribe. P.S: Every tribe is always ready to have some good yummy Jollof.

wedding menu

(Photo: Moji Delano)

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3. Age

Ideally, you should determine the age group by your age and your husband’s but this is Nigeria w. our parents have their own special guest list… So if your wedding is likely to have a lot of older people as guests, you might want to provide more fruit salad as dessert than ice cream. Don’t forget to think about the kids.

wedding menu

(Photo: Instagram/Obi Nwokedi)

4. Common allergies

T.’s no way you can totally account for the allergies of all your guests except they respond to your RSVP or you know them personally, so you can take into consideration the likely allergens and either choose to label them or take them out… a common example is seafood.

5. Number of guests

This is a factor for a lot of events and your wedding isn’t an exception. You might not know how to deal with serving a 5 course meal to a football stadium guest size; it’s not impossible of course! Na money kill am  and maybe stress too.

After considering these factors, talking with a caterer will be much easier, and for the planning to be accurate and go smoothly, you’ll have to insist on a wedding RSVP.




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