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Wedding season is upon us! And while it’s an amazing time to have your wedding because of the holidays, don’t forget that it’s also harmattan season.

Here are a few things to consider when planning a harmattan wedding:


This isn’t the best time to have an outdoor wedding so you should look for a nice air-conditioned hall or tent to use so you don’t have to deal with dusty air.

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The good thing about having makeup on during the harmattan season is that it lasts longer, which is great! However, it’s better to stick to products that are not too dry e.g. use a glossy lipstick instead of a matte lipstick and make sure you start with a lip balm first. Also make sure your face is moisturized before makeup is applied.

planning a harmattan wedding

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Wedding outfits

You need to choose clothes that won’t expose you to the cold and frigid air which is normal during harmattan. Alternatively, you can wear what you want but just reduce the amount of time you spend outdoors. Consider this when choosing a style for your bridemaids’ outfits too.


The air is usually extra dry during harmattan so you need to keep your guests as hydrated as possible. Soft drinks and wine are good but make sure t.’s enough water being shared around so people don’t get too thirsty.

planning a harmattan wedding

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