trending couple wedding outfit

Some outfits are just out of this world!

Now somethings are getting out of hand! People are going crazy with their ruracio outfits. Do you really want your parents to run away lol! The new trend of ruracio couple outfits has everyone talking. This couple decided to go the extra way and rocked a crazy outfit. Matching outfits with your man is cute but wait you see this. Scroll down for more.

. Is The New Crazy Ruracio Outfit:
1. Let’s Hide Our Entire Bodies!

This one is going straight into my books for things not to do for the year. I love the kitenge print on both the man and the lady and the design as well but what is that on the hat?! Seriously guys, lol this outfit would make my parents run to another country. Those tassels are just a joke. What do you think?

trending couple wedding outfit

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Would you wear this outfit for your ruracio? I know I wouldn’t, but hey, vote below and we will see who loves it.

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