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‘You shattered Jaypaul’s heart, so enjoy yours’ – Fans tackle Saskay after she expressed hurt

Social media users have slammed Big Brother Naija season 6 Shine Ya Eye star, and ex-housemate, Saskay, after she expressed pain over what someone did to her.

Saskay noted this via a post on her Twitter page, w. she tweeted that sometimes she sit and think of how people have intentionally hurt her, and t. will be no strength to forgive.


Saskay further stated in her post that every time she tries to forgive, she remembers the pain and it hurts her over again.

“Sometimes, I just sit and think of how people have intentionally hurt me and then t.’s no strength to forgive. Every time I try to, I remember the pain and it hurts all over again. Omo”, Saskay tweeted.


Reacting to Saskay’s tweet, netizens, who are mostly the supporters of Saskay’s ex-lover, Jaypaul, mocked her for having an unforgiving heart, adding that she’s going through karma.


One of the Twitter user, @Waltertv4 who commented on Saskay’s post advised her to apologize to Jaypaul, for disregarding and making him feel hurt as well.

“Honestly Sas I think you owe Jaypaul an apology even tho you no longer or never rated him… I mean what do you mean by he doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things likeeeeee bruhhhhhhhhh. It’s not a good thing to hurt a MAN that really loved you..”


Another user with a similar comment advises Saskay to tender apology to Jaypaul.

Thagordonsparty; “And look who is talking. The queen of katwa, The fans pleaser, you owe Jay Paul an apology since Cross dord not rate you”.


The next commenter opined that it’s very hard to forgive, even though Saskay did a similar thing to her ex-love interest, Jaypaul, but it’s always advisable to forgive.

@favoured_lois: “I know how hard it can be, but we HV to forgive, you shattered my fave Jaypaul’s it hurts, but you know what, I have since forgiven you. God forgives us on a daily basis so we should forgive ppl who hurt us.let it go baby girl and fly your fly”.


Also, a Twitter user directly tells Saskay not to . victim, because she never for once paid Jaypaul back for the love and affection he showed her.

@tommybraga3: “Na who you try for abeg cuz if I could remember vividly the person that tried for you last time. How did you pay him back for the love and affection he showed you. So please don’t come . and start forming like you did anything for anybody oooo because you can’t sef”.


However, few people left some pieces of advice to Saskay, encouraging her to find a place in her heart to forgive the person she claimed hurt her.

@ESE909; “Learn forgiveness. It is divine from God. Dont forget that God forgives you when you sin over and over again. Dont also forget that you have also hurt people that have forgiven you. The bible says forgive and forget and God would bless you as you do so. Shalom!”.


@kokomma_ “Forgiveness is more like healing for yourself. It’s so hard but to truly heal and not hurt over that past, you have to forgive them. I also think only God can really give us that strength it takes to forgive. Praying for you Saskay”.

@IAbsaal: “You must learn to forgive, Jesus carried bargage for our sins and forgave. You must learn to unleah yourself from past..and analyze things from different perspective without being judgemental only then you will be a free soul. Thanks”.


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