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If wedding customs and traditions still . a role even for modern brides, then maybe wedding taboos will too. Or not?

These wedding taboos may or may not mean anything but you need all the luck you can get on your wedding day, so we’ve gat.d the most popular. You’re welcome!

1. Wearing your dress from top to bottom

Wearing your clothes from top to bottom is believed to sweep your bridal beauty away. It does makes sense nowadays though, you don’t want to smudge your make up!

2. Not seeing the groom before the wedding

This is believed to jinx the wedding, hence the veil. Although the origin of this taboo has nothing to do with jinxing, we still think it’s cute to give the groom an element of surprise.

wedding taboos

(Photo: Lumi Morgan)

3. Spilling milk

It is said that spilling milk in the families’ houses can bring misfortune to the couple. Sides the fact that it’s hard to clean, you’ll have lost a glass of milk and people are starving everyw., so be careful?

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wedding taboos

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4. No sex in the afternoon

It is an Esan abomination for married couples or anyone to have sex in the afternoon as it is believed that a certain spirit would be angered by the act. Ahh! Thank God the couple already makes plans for the ‘wedding night’ not ‘wedding afternoon’.

5. Meeting another bride

This will cause a “clash of luck” between the two parties and if this happens, best men from both bridal parties must exchange red packets on the couple’s behalf to cancel out the clash. We’re just wondering what will happen to twins or those that do mass weddings?

wedding taboos

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Do you see yourself avoiding any of these wedding taboos? You should check out these bridal rites that happen in Nigeria.




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