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Guys! Denola Grey just gave us the inside scoop to his skin care routine. We can not keep calm! The style icon shared his routine on Twitter and we are all over it.

Because he has an ahmazing skin, of course, we are onboard and sharing with you too!

1. Drink water

Of course , the first step is hydration. Drinking lots of water and moisturizing your skin will always be a good idea.

2. Neutrogena Even-Tone Facial Cleanser

In the mornings, I use Neutrogena Even-Tone Facial Cleanser. I use after an initial body and face wash with Black Soap. *Note: make sure the temperature of the water you use to wash your face is considerably cooler than your usual temperature for body. ( lukewarm water sha).

3. Exfoliate

On days when I exfoliate, (every other day), I use St Ives Apricot scrub. Used before I get into the shower. I scrub gently with my fingertips in a circular, anti-clockwise motion and I leave on, as a gentle mask, till I’m done showering & then I rinse off before using cleanser

4. Use a clean towel or air dry

After exfoliating and cleanser, you can either choose to air-dry or pat-dry face with a CLEAN face towel. Try and leave the face a little damp before using face moisturizer.

5. Use organic oil

I have now switched to an organic oil by skinned by nature. I use three drops of that on my face. And i find it’s lighter and makes my skin smoother. Yes, it seems counter-productive to use oils on your face, especially if you have oily skin. but it all depends on what kind of oil you use. 

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6. Repeat

At night, I repeat my morning routine, but instead of jumping straight to moisturizer or oil after my face wash, I use a toner in-between. I either use , alcohol-free witch hazel or Neutrogena pore refining toner. I’m currently back on the Neutrogena.

(Photo: Super Cosmetics)

7. Use black soap

As for my body, I only use black soap. And when i remember, i do a full-body, honey and sugar scrub. As for my lotion, I use regular Nivea but I add Arami Essentials glow oil to my lotion .

Black Soap 101: Dimma Umeh Breaks Down The Best 5 For Glowing Skin!

(YouTube via Dimma Umeh)

8. Use sunscreen

One more thing! I’ve recently started using sun screen ( SPF 50) on my face after my moisturizer. Warning: it gets oily but it maintains your complexion especially if you’re prone to hyper-pigmentation.”

So that’s Denola Grey’s skin care routine guys. Will you consider giving it a shot? You can follow Dénola Grey and check out hilarious . from this thread ..

Meanwhile, . are some Nigerian skincare brands you should know.



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