You Will Need These Tips To Plan A Unique Valentine-Themed Wedding


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With Valentine’s Day approaching, and couples tapping into the season for wedding themes, we thought to give some tips. A Valentine-themed wedding can be romantic and memorable, but it takes careful planning to ensure it doesn’t become cliché.

We’ve come up with some tips that’ll ensure your Valentine-themed wedding is memorably un-cliché.

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Instead of using only the usual white and red, adding other subtle colours will tone down the obvious Valentine colours. Love-themed but subtler colours like rose gold, pink, cream. e.t.c. are excellent for this. You can also choose a classic black and white palette and subtly add hints of red or pink in the florals.

valentine-themed wedding

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Everyone will expect to see an overflow of flowers at your wedding because is it even a Valentine wedding without those? You can, however, break the norm by using balloons, big candles, or sparkly liquid in glasses.

valentine-themed wedding

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Show some love

Most couples just hand out valentine-themed invites and have a hall that resonates with Valentine. You can go a step further and in the spirit of Valentine, give out chocolates, or leave love notes on tables.

valentine-themed weddings

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Love shaped

Some couples get carried away and have everything in the hall with a love-shaped image on it. It’s a season of love, so why not…right? You can tone it down a bit and have love shapes in the most subtle places…like your hair!

valentine-themed wedding

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We endorse that you . every romantic song you can find, lol. Don’t forget to personalise it and add songs that mean something to you and your spouse. You can also give your guests a few minutes to slow dance with their partners alongside you and your spouse.

valentine-themed wedding

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Now that you’ve gotten the key to an un-cliché, fun wedding, .’s how to plan it without breaking down.

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