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Your Last-minute Wedding Day Checklist: Everything You Need To Put In Order

Your big day is getting closer and you’re pretty sure you’ve got everything in order. But “pretty sure” isn’t good enough. So take a look at these last minute wedding day checklist and be certain you’re one hundred percent on top of everything.

Wedding planning can be very hectic. Especially doing the planning yourself without the help of a wedding planner. This last-minute Wedding day checklist will help guide you through the final days to the D-Dy. We are super excited for you!

.’s everything you need to double check before your wedding day.

1. Check in with your vendors.

Check in with your wedding planner if you have one, if not, check in with your vendors to double check that the arrangement still stands. Make sure they all have exact directions and a contact person’s phone number to avoid wedding day rush.

Your Last-minute Wedding Day Checklist: Everything You Need To Put In Order

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2. Prepare final payments.

It’s time to get their balance ready if you haven’t done that already. One of the many reasons why vendors disappoint is delay in payment. It also help you avoid trying to remember what is owed to whom on your wedding day.

3. Bring extra cash just in case.

Just for emergencies, bring extra cash with you so you don’t get stranded.

4. Pack for your honeymoon early.

Idly, Honeymoon starts immediately after the reception. Your bags should be already packed and ready to go. Your wedding night is not the time to start searching for that sexy bra. Get everything in order.

Your Last-minute Wedding Day Checklist: Everything You Need To Put In Order

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5. Prepare for rain.

We don’t mean to scare you. but it’s better to be prepared than sorry.

6. Designate a wedding-day supervisor.

If you have trusted wedding planner then this may not be necessary, but if you don’t, make sure you put someone in-charge so everyone knows who to turn to when they need anything.

7. Create a wedding-day photography schedule.

Leave nothing to chance. Have a schedule just to make sure everything is covered.


8. Have a discussion with your photographer.

Let your photographer know the must-have pictures. Give him or her a list of people you’d like to have photographed together

9. Pack a big-day emergency kit.

Emergency kits are life savers. .’s everything that should be in your wedding day emergency kit

Safety pins Paper towel Lip gloss Office pin Powder face wipe nail polish slippers


10.  Get your wedding day glow routine started.

It’s time for that wedding glow routine. .’s how to get started.



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