Your Perfect Bridal Accessory! Floralgasm 101


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The Perfect Bouquet.

Weddings have never looked more glamorous without the presence of beautiful flowers. Flowers have always been known to have that ambiance effect in weddings. They are an integral part of a wedding ceremony, and they always end up making it more colorful, vibrant and memorable. Stories have it that the bride’s bouquet represents the good fortunes as well as the future prosperity of the marriage.


Picking the most suitable flowers for one’s bouquet involves a lot of careful planning (a lot!) This is because the bouquet is also a focal part of the bride’s ensemble. Why do I say I so? Naturally, the eyes glide down to the bride’s bouquet after a satisfied look at the gown. Trust me, no bride wants to be seen as the ‘just okay’ bride. Therefore, every part of the ensemble for the day must be perfect right down to the tens. So, the question is, how do you choose the perfect bouquet for your special day? Don’t fret ladies, let’s ease you through the process.



First and foremost ladies, in order to be able to pick that perfect bouquet for your special day, your wedding dress must be picked first. Solely because the bouquet is completely dependent on the style and shape of the dress. Also, your wedding gown is a representative of your taste and personality through style. It basically defines who you are. You must always remember that your bouquet is supposed to complement the dress, not overwhelm it. Don’t forget to take a picture of the dress to help your florist or wedding planner in assisting you with your different options.




So, you have picked your dream dress (Woohoo!) and you have chosen your bridesmaids own too. It is time to put into consideration your wedding theme. We have seen countless wedding themes (the wild, the fun ,the flirty and the classics, just can’t count). Every day, there is a bride out there coming up with different themes for her special day. Whatever your choice is as a bride, you must realize that your wedding theme will help you in deciding the colors that will dominate your bouquet.

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Now, it’s time to think of colors. Yes! Colors! Ever heard of the lady that glows just like the red rose? Ever heard of blooming flowers? Ladies, color highlights them all. Stepping into a hall with colors popping in the right way are nothing but bliss to our eyes.

Nowadays, we have lots of adventurous brides, the ones who would always want to make a statement at all times. The ones that their personality itself are bursting with different eye-popping colors. We also have the calm bride who still shines, but in a very subtle way. (Choose your pick!)  Whatever your personality is, you must try and infuse the wedding theme color. Take for instance, your wedding colors are blue and cream (a wedding color combination that I so love), when getting your bridal bouquet, you can decide to go for either one of them, or even both.

Perhaps, you’re the kind of bride that has always wanted to have a classic white bridal bouquet, although this is one of the safe haven’s colors, it is advisable for one to always try as much as possible to add a hint of greenery or any of the wedding colors just to complement it. Also, if you would want your bridesmaids to have a single flower of your choice, always consider the color they would be putting on for that day. Don’t forget, we want sweet and sophisticated, not a clumsy look.



This point is a bit technical, but believe me when I say it is very essential. You have to make sure that your bouquet will end up matching your wedding dress and body figure. We all vary in both shapes and sizes. Knowing ones size and picking the most suitable dress for it will definitely be of great help when it comes to the size of the bridal bouquet. For instance, a petite bride will not do so well with a cascade bouquet, which is because of her size. For a voluptuous bride, a larger bridal bouquet such as a round bouquet will be best. This is because it will help in projecting the grace with her figure.

When it comes to style, if it’s a ball gown that you have decided to go for, you have to in mind that the bigger the dress, the bigger the bouquet! Oh yes!

On the other hand, if it’s a slim silhouette gown, it will be best to stick to a posy bouquet in order to enhance your shape by showing off those slender lines. Also, the whole idea of picking the silhouette gown is to feel light and airy.

Furthermore, if you are the kind of bride that does love the whole embellished gowns of sashes and bows, it is advisable for you to pick a tight nosegay bouquet, solely to complement the gown. You must never forget that your bouquet is part of your gown.

You could go the extra mile by adding pearls, brooches, pendants and all sorts of jewelry all for that luxurious bouquet. These are usually for that bride that wants to spend it all, just for the bling! It could take any form or style.

Whatever choices you end up making, always have in mind that your bridal bouquet speaks for who you are on your special day.


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