Zinc supplements are BAE – and we are . to show you why.

Taking zinc supplements for your skin is such a great investment. Just think of all the good it does for our skin. Zinc is responsible for loads of bodily functions such as boosting the immune system and healing wounds. But even more, it does a whole lot for our skin! (and you know how much we love our skin 100%)

Your Skin & Zinc Supplements Need To Be BFFs - .'s Why!

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Now, you may wonder why we need to take additional zinc supplements when it’s already present in our food. Well, the mineral doesn’t stay in the body for long and needs to be supplemented. So, a daily dose is needed to keep the body in great shape. A deficiency in taking this mineral could lead to several skin conditions such as rashes or bruising.

But apart from how alive zinc helps us feel, why does our skin need it so much? Well,
  1. Zinc supplements work with other minerals to help treat lesions on the body. Lesions generally refer to a part of an organ that has suffered damage. Zinc helps heal these lesions and get them back functioning properly.
  2. Taking zinc orally can greatly improve acne and ageing skin.
  3. One product that constantly has zinc present is sunscreen. That is because of zinc oxide’s ability to protect the skin and aid in skin regeneration and healing. It also reflects the sun’s rays and keeps the sun from directly affecting the skin.
  4. Another reason why zinc supplements need to be BFFs with your skin is to keep it youthful aka younger looking skin. Zinc supports the production of collagen which leads to fuller and plumper skin.
  5. Your hair, skin, and nails will thank you for that extra zinc boost. The extra zinc you’re taking in will greatly enhance them towards overall growth and shine.
    Your Skin & Zinc Supplements Need To Be BFFs - .'s Why!

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Incorporating zinc into your diet is a great life choice. However, if you’re going to add zinc supplements to your diet, you need to talk to a dietician. And if you’re curious about how zinc can help clear up acne, check this post out for all the information.



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